Thursday, November 11, 2010

welcome again


HELLO AGAIN I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!its been so long since i'm not posting in my blog..hahah but im back and gonna change everything,well people change.
so me and RYLODINO decide want to change,aren't we cher?haha.
and finally tomorrow its friday!YAY i can sleep all day,and saturday(maybe) me,rylo,and jackasstar gonna make the project NA NA NA,i hope they will accept our project,when we decide to agree with this project.rylodino said ''autism is legal" , jackasstar said "alright" and what i said " no image allright" so we gonna make a our first fucking crazy video!hahahaha but....2 weeks again we gonna face FFE(final fucking exam) and i was like.."the f-" OH GOD WHY WHY GOD OH

feeling dizzy now-_- i think im gonna sleep."sleep for the weak"(BMTH),i know.
O YEA THATS RIGHT! even though mr.president Obama already leave indonesia gonna great you mr president! WELCOME TO INDONESIA BARACK OBAMA,welcome home again!obama,1st black skin president of us. 1st president who walk around town to buy burger king and 1st president of US can talk our.indonesian languange i ever i know.

so bye bloggers have a blast day.


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